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What Is Proxy Shipping?

Proxy shipping, which is also known as proxy buying, is an ideal service for anyone seeking to shop internationally. Have you ever wanted to buy something from another country but struggled due to your location or payment method? Proxy shipping is designed to help with this, as the service involves buying the products on a customer’s behalf. 

Is proxy shipping legal? Fortunately, yes, it’s legal. Proxy buying services make sure they keep in line with any customs or legal regulations. So, you don’t need to worry if you feel like going down this purchase path! Do you want to know more about this efficient shipping service? Let’s dive in! 

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Proxy Shipping Benefits 

Proxy shipping is a service where international shoppers can get access to products and goods that aren’t generally available in their country. Whether this is because of shipping regulations, language and linguistic issues, or problems surrounding logistics, proxy shipping can help get over these roadblocks! 

Here are some benefits of the service:

Access Global Products 

Is there an exclusive global product that doesn’t ship to your location? With proxy shipping, you don’t really need to worry about anything like that. The service allows shoppers from all over the world to access all kinds of products in many locations. Maybe you want a limited-edition item, or maybe you want access to some region-specific groceries or food products. Whatever it is, proxy shipping can help. 

Cost Savings 

International shipping is usually very expensive. By opting for proxy shipping, you don’t need to worry about paying any added fees for the items to be shipped to your location. Instead, your items will go to a warehouse that’s local to the proxy shipping service, taking the added fees out of your hands. Sometimes, companies offer free local shipping, too. So, you can also enjoy this benefit. 

A lot of companies let you store your items in their warehouse for some time. If you’ve ordered more than one item, companies sometimes repackage them together to save you money on shipping costs. 

Furthermore, many companies offer regional or local deals, and international shoppers can’t enjoy these. However, by using a proxy shipping method, you can access any benefits of shopping like a local. 


Using a proxy shipping service is a very convenient method of getting your hands on international products. A lot of the time, these companies take care of everything! From dealing with tracking, customs clearance, or even any paperwork, you don’t need to worry. This service is also hassle-free as you don’t need to spend time and effort communicating with different sellers, making arrangements, or dealing with canceled orders. 

Overcome Language Barriers 

A significant problem that many international shoppers face is language or cultural barriers. The good news is that many proxy buyers are well-equipped to deal with this and overcome any miscommunication. They communicate with the seller on behalf of the customer and take control of using the website and any other requirements for the process. 

These benefits are ideal, but are there any drawbacks? 


Proxy Shipping Drawbacks 

Despite proxy shipping’s many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. While the service aims to overcome any issues, unfortunately, it can’t prevent them all. 

Here are some drawbacks:

Service Fees or Additional Costs 

Despite the benefits of saving money with potential regional discounts and package consolidation, many proxy shipping services require extra fees. They might charge handling fees or consolidation fees, making the process quite pricey. You might even encounter hidden fees that make the whole process a lot more expensive than if you were to shop with a company that ships internationally. 

Longer Delivery Times or Delays 

Before proxy services send the items to the buyer, they follow a step that includes receiving and checking the items at the warehouse. The items are then in the hands of the shipping companies, and unexpected delays might occur. Despite this being out of the company’s control, it’s a drawback for the customer waiting to receive their parcel. 

Miscommunication Risks 

Despite proxy shipping services taking control of the buying process and helping to avoid miscommunication, it’s not guaranteed that it won’t happen. There’s a risk that miscommunication might occur, leading to incorrect sizes, items, or product types. 

Customers Have Limited Control 

While it’s mainly a benefit that the shipping service takes full control of the situation, some people might see it as a drawback. In some cases, the service having full control means that buyers don’t get an insight into inspecting any of the items or organizing shipping. Buyers also don’t really get any direct communication with the retailer, which can sometimes cause problems. 

Although the service’s benefits are evident, it’s also worth considering its drawbacks before you decide to use proxy shipping. Once you know how to use the service and how the process works, you can weigh up the advantages and drawbacks. 

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How to Use Proxy Shipping Services 

Are you thinking of using this kind of shipping service? How does it actually work? It really depends on the company you opt for, but here is a general guide: 

Step One: Choose Your Shipping Service

There are plenty of services available. By doing some research and looking at different options, you can make an informed decision about the best one for you. Reviews can help, as can exploring different shipping costs and options. 

Step Two: Register With a Service 

Once you’ve found your chosen service, you’ll need to register and make an account. To register you’ll have to enter your address and contact details into the website. You will also probably need to specify your payment method. 

Step Three: Pick Your Products

You then need to choose the products you want to order. The shipping companies can ship anything from groceries to fashion items, it’s up to you what you order! You’ll also need to add any specific details, too, like the color or size of your chosen item. 

Step Four: Request Your Order 

Once you’ve found your products it’s time to request your order, and you can just do this on the service’s website. At this stage, you can add any relevant information about the product or your shipping needs.  

Step Five: Make Your Payment 

When the request is submitted, you’ll need to pay money into your account for the proxy buyer to use on your behalf. The company might also request a service charge! 

Step Six: Verify Your Purchase 

The company will find your item for you and buy it on your behalf when the money’s in your account. You will need to double check the order and that the information is right. When the company buys the item, they won’t share any of your payment details with the actual retailer. 

At this stage, the company will also select the shipping options. They’ll also arrange for your package to arrive at a local warehouse. If you’ve ordered multiple items, they’ll all arrive separately for the proxy service to combine them all together. 

Step Seven: Arrival at the Warehouse 

Your items will then arrive at the warehouse, and the shipping service will inspect them to ensure the product is in a suitable condition. They’ll open the packages and check that the item matches the one that you originally selected. If the condition is poor, they’ll take matters into their own hands. 

Step Eight: Delivery to Customer 

When the packages arrive at the company’s local warehouse, customers will need to choose a shipping option. The service provides several options, and you can make your choice based on shipping costs and time. Keep in mind that you might need to pay extra for taxes or any import fees. 

Then, your parcel will arrive at your door! By finding a popular and reliable company, you can rest assured that you’ll receive efficient service and fair costs. 

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Popular and Reliable Proxy Shipping Services 

If you’re considering making an international purchase with a proxy shipping service, it’s crucial to opt for one with a good reputation. There are specific services out there that are known for their reliability and trustworthy services. 

Here are some examples:

Japan Proxy Shipping 

White Rabbit Express: This popular proxy shipping service is well-known and is a go-to choice for anyone who wants to order items from Japan. You can choose from any store and place an order. The site is very easy to use and transparent about shipping fees, adding to its reliability. 

Australia Proxy Shipping 

Shippn: This is a popular proxy shipping service that offers customers the “Buy For Me” service. The process is straightforward and easy to use. You just need to fill in the details about the item you want and submit a request to the company. A personal shopper will then work efficiently to find your item, and you can sit back, relax, and wait for more updates. 

Korea Proxy Shipping 

KarGou: This is a popular proxy shipping service in Korea. It offers assisted purchases for anyone looking to shop like a local. As soon as you’ve picked the items you want, the company is prepared to shop on your behalf. The service prides itself on its cost-effective delivery options and hassle-free process. 

UK Proxy Shipping 

ForwardVia: This UK proxy shipping service offers customers the option of “Assisted Purchase” to take any hassle off their hands. You just need to find the items you want, and the company will buy them on your behalf. The company expresses how reliable and trustworthy they are, stating that customers can rest assured when they use the service. 

These are just some great examples of popular and reliable proxy shipping services. Each of these companies takes pride in the secure, private, and efficient service it provides and does its best to ensure the most hassle-free experience possible. 

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How Secure and Private is Proxy Shipping?

If you’ve purchased through a proxy shipping company, you might wonder how secure and private it actually is. While it’s always necessary to be aware of privacy concerns, you’ll likely feel more at ease if you opt for reliable and popular services. 

In terms of payment and security, proxy shipping companies prioritize the privacy of the customer. Their financial details aren’t shared, and encryption technology is used to protect any sensitive information. Furthermore, the warehouses where the packages arrive help to prevent any theft or damage to the parcels. Generally, they’re stored securely, making it a priority for the products to reach customers in good condition. 

Another great security benefit that most proxy shipping companies have is the option for customers to track their parcels. As soon as the shipment process begins, you can monitor the location and progress of your package. This adds a layer of security, as customers are in the loop about the whereabouts. 

A lot of shipping companies offer customers anonymous buying. This means that their information isn’t actually shared with the retailer, and they can browse and shop without revealing anything. Depending on what you’re buying, this is a large benefit that lots of customers enjoy. 

Remember, caution is key! By considering the disadvantages mentioned earlier, you might experience a lack of security due to the lack of control and potential delivery issues. So, choosing the company wisely is vital. Plus, by following any safety tips, you’ll experience a more secure and safe process. 

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Top Tips for Safe Proxy Shipping 

Proxy shipping can offer a lot of benefits to customers, but following safety precautions is vital. For the best experience possible, here are some safety tips:

Do Your Research

It’s important to look around for different companies and services to use. Opting for proxy services with a good reputation and positive reviews will help you feel more confident in the process. Take time researching the different options and comparing the different services. 

Pay Securely 

Be very cautious when it comes to payment. Pay securely using a PayPal account or a credit card, and look out for any suspicious activity. If a company asks you to pay via email or over the phone, it might not be legit or safe. So, just keep your wits about you. 

Read the Terms of Service 

Every company will have terms of service, so make sure you read even the finer details. There might be a policy in place or a term that doesn’t align with your preferences, so make sure to look out for that. 

Track Your Package 

Many proxy shipping companies allow you to track your parcels during the shipping process. By doing this and keeping up to date with your package’s progress, you’ll have more control over its progress. You’ll also know when you’re about to receive your package, so you can note any delays if necessary. 

Of course, there are plenty of benefits of using proxy shipping services, but that’s not to say that following safety tips isn’t necessary. By taking these tips on board, you’ll enjoy a better experience with peace of mind and a safer shipping process. The question is, is it safer to use proxy shipping or package forwarding services? 

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Package Forwarding Service as an Alternative to Proxy Shipping

Proxy shipping and package forwarding services are often viewed within the same bracket, but their services do, in fact, differ. Proxy shipping services are for customers who want someone else to take care of the whole process for them. For example, if there’s a language barrier in place, a customer might prefer a full-service approach. 

On the other hand, package forwarding services work by providing customers with forwarding emails that they can use at checkout. This allows international shoppers to shop like locals and independently use the address to place an order. This process requires a more hands-on approach from a customer, which is great if they prefer to be in control. 

But what are some other reasons why someone would opt for this service as opposed to proxy shipping? Here are some ideas:

  • More control. If you like to be independent and in control, you might prefer this option. Once you receive an address, you can use it at checkout once you’ve chosen your product.
  • A faster option. As the customer is in more control, the process of placing the order is often faster and more efficient. 
  • Lower service costs. Because a package forwarding service is a little less hands-on, the service charge is often cheaper.  
  • Access to more options. Package forwarding services offer customers added features like repackaging and consolidation to streamline the process and make it more cost-efficient. 

Is this the option for you? If so, Atvido is an excellent choice as it offers competitive prices, added services, and flexibility for customers. This package forwarding service lets customers use a UK or DE address to order items and shop like a local. It’s free to get started, and it offers other services like personal shopping to help streamline the process.