Top 30 best British clothing brands
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30 Best British Clothing Brands

The world of fashion is constantly expanding, but some things never change. One of the main elements that remains the same is the classic and timeless elegance of British fashion. 

The top 5 brands? Burberry, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, and Jimmy Choo, in our opinion! But, there are so many more inspiring British brands to enjoy. 

In the following sections, we’ll take a deep dive into 30 of the best British clothing brands and unpack what makes them so unique. We’ll look at their impact on the fashion industry and how they’ve made their mark. Let’s get into it. 

1. Burberry – The Best For British Elegance 

Burberry clothing
  • Why we love it: Their statement pieces are the epitome of class, quality, and elegance.  
  • Burberry’s price range: £300- £2,000+
  • Best for: People seeking luxury, class, and timeless elegance. 

Burberry is known all around the world. This British luxury brand is best known for its statement pieces and recognizable check pattern. The trench coats are also a key item of the brand’s collection. This brand is all about elegance and class, with its chic look and timeless British charm. 

2. Stella McCartney – The Best For Sustainable Fashion 

Stella McCartney clothing
  • Why we love it: The products are ethical, sustainable, and trendy. 
  • Stella McCartney’s price range: £70- £5,000
  • Best for: People seeking sustainable and cruelty-free fashion. 

In the British fashion industry, Stella McCartney is a very popular brand. Cruelty-free practices and eco-friendly fabrics are the ethics behind it. This brand is best known for its classic and chic look, using understated designs to stand out. McCartney uses organic cotton and recycled polyester to present a combination of style and ethics. 

3. Alexander McQueen – The Best For Creative Styles 

Alexander McQueen clothing
  • Why we love it: The designs scream creativity and alternative fashion. 
  • Price range: £300-£10,000
  • Best for: People seeking high-quality, creative pieces. 

Alexander McQueen’s imaginative designs and unique looks stand strong in the fashion industry. With bold designs and eye-catching pieces, this brand is all about craftsmanship and story-telling through designs.

To prove the brand’s reputation, it’s worth knowing that Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen wedding dress for the royal wedding; it doesn’t get more British than that! 

4. Paul Smith – The Best For a Pop of Color  

Paul Smith suit
  • Why we love it: The classic styles with a twist and the quirky elegance of the pieces. 
  • Price range: £30- £1,700
  • Best for: People looking to experiment with color and traditional styles. 

Are you seeking classic elegance with a twist of color and fun? Paul Smith is a well-known designer who is known for experimenting with color and style. The designs are classic, traditional, and elegant. Paul Smith sells everything from men’s velvet suits to women’s floral dresses. There’s a style and aesthetic to suit everyone. 

5. Jimmy Choo – The Best For Glamorous Footwear

Jimmy Choo shoes
  • Why we love it: The glamorous designs and luxurious looks with elite attention to detail. 
  • Price range: £48- £7,000
  • Best for: People seeking high-end shoes, handbags, and accessories. 

When Jimmy Choo collaborated with Tamara Mellon in 1996, magic happened. Their super glamorous collection of elegant shoes, handbags, and accessories always make for iconic looks with only the best materials. From Swarovski crystals to elite, high-quality leather, the brand is all about sleek designs with playful, colorful, and enchanting looks. 

6. Ted Baker – The Best For Attention to Detail 

Ted Baker dress
  • Why we love it: The stylish clothing and accessories with attention to detail make for high-quality and sophisticated fashion. 
  • Price range: £15-£400 
  • Best for: People looking for classy and chic styles with patterns or intricate designs. 

High-quality materials and classy designs are synonymous with Ted Baker, a famous British brand. With a wide selection of dresses, knitwear, jackets, suits, and more, this brand is perfect for anyone looking for high-end fashion. Furthermore, the brand also sells shoes, bags, and accessories, making it the ideal choice for a range of people. 

7. Marks & Spencer – The Best For Affordable Fashion 

Marks & Spencer affordable clothing
  • Why we love it: The affordable brand’s catalog covers a whole range of items. 
  • Price range: £10-£350
  • Best for: Shoppers that want to buy good-quality clothing without breaking the bank.

Marks and Spencer is a British classic! Michael Marks and Tom Spencer joined forces to create the first “Penny Bazaar” store in 1884. Now, the affordable yet stylish brand sells clothes to people of all ages and genders! Whether you want a coat, some sportswear or nightwear, you can build a whole wardrobe! 

8. Vivienne Westwood – The Best For Unique Style

Vivienne Westwood clothing
  • Why we love it: The bold designs and eccentric styles challenge the boundaries of fashion by creating a statement. 
  • Price range: £140-£3,000
  • Best for: People looking to stand out with unique designs and bold prints. 

Vivienne Westwood was a powerful icon in the fashion industry, using her bold ideas and eccentric style to flow through into her brand. In 1971, Westwood began designing Teddy Boy coats. Despite the hippie movement of the time, she was fascinated with clothing and the rebellion of the 1950s.

The designs of the brand reflect Westwood’s love for punk fashion, and all the designs often involve asymmetrical cuts and bold statements.

9. Victoria Beckham – The Best For Modern Sophistication 

Victoria Beckham dress
  • Why we love it: The sleek, classic, and elegant designs ooze style and class. 
  • Price range: £40-£2,700 
  • Best for: Buyers who want to portray effortless chic and timeless, contemporary British style. 

Victoria Beckham launched her fashion brand in 2008, and people took to it straight away. Recognized by its clean lines, chic look, and timeless elegance, the pieces really do speak for themselves. The brand covers everything from evening gowns to high-quality sleepwear, so you really can have it all. 

10. Barbour – The Best For Outdoor Chic 

Barbour clothing
  • Why we love it: The brand specializes in outdoor chic, with timeless pieces and an unmissable signature look. 
  • Price range: £20- £500
  • Best for: People who want to look chic in outdoor clothing. 

Barbour dates back to 1894, when John Barbour made his mark on the fashion industry in South Shields. The headquarters are still there to this day! The brand is best known for its iconic waxed jackets, creating a signature look that sets them apart. The brand offers an ideal blend of style and functionality, making all the items work in a range of settings. 

11. Boden – The Best For Boho-Chic 

Boden clothing
  • Why we love it: The high-quality pieces reflect timeless British charm with a hint of individuality and vibrant patterns and colors. 
  • Price range: £20- £300
  • Best for: People who want to show off their unique and elegant style. 

Johnnie Boden created Boden in 1991 and it originally sold eight menswear products but it’s safe to say that it’s grown since then! Boden has now blossomed into a highly recognizable British brand with unique styles, colors, and prints, offering a boho-chic twist to classic styles. The brand celebrates individuality with modern flair and eye-catching designs. 

12. Clarks: The Best For Classic Footwear 

Clarks footwear
  • Why we love it: Their vast collection of a wide range of footwear is high-quality and comfortable. 
  • Price range: £3- £250 
  • Best for: People seeking comfortable, reliable footwear for any occasion. 

Clarks came about in 1825 by James Clark, and since then has been a go-to place for all kinds of footwear options. The brand has shoes and accessories for men, women, and children, selling sturdy shoes for any style or occasion. Clark’s is all about quality, too, so it’s a really good choice for boots, sneakers, sandals, school shoes, slippers, and more. 

13. The Vampire’s Wife – The Best For Party Wear  

The Vampire’s Wife party wear
  • Why we love it: The brand’s timeless romantic elegance and femininity make it an excellent choice for sophisticated occasions.
  • Price range: £80- £3,000
  • Best for: Anyone seeking a glamorous outfit or party wear that’s feminine and luxurious. 

Susie Cave founded The Vampire’s Wife in 2014, and since then, it has made its own mark in the fashion industry. Consisting of a vast collection of exquisite, vintage-style dresses,  femininity and luxury are evident. 

The brand sells lots of form-fitting dresses, all designed with glamor in mind. So, if you have a party coming up or an important event, this is the place to go for all things luxury, elegance, and class. 

14. Mother of Pearl – The Best For Subtle Chic 

Mother of Pearl clothing
  • Why we love it: The classic designs are sustainable, chic, and timelessly elegant. 
  • Price range: £50- £700
  • Best for: People looking for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and elegant clothes. 

Mother of Pearl was founded by Maia Norman in 2002. Amy Powney has taken the brand to success in the fashion industry since then! Sustainability is key to this brand. Plus, the brand’s mantra is “classic but never boring.” This is because despite the designs being extremely classic and subtle, they’re not dull to look at.  

15. Molly Goddard – The Best For Eye-Catching Looks 

Molly Goddard pink dress
  • Why we love it: The eye-catching, colorful designs create an unforgettable look. 
  • Price range: £170-£3,500
  • Best for: Anyone who wants their clothes to attract attention with bright colors and whimsical femininity.

Do you use fashion as a way of expressing yourself? If so, Molly Goddard is an excellent choice. Since 2014, the brand has gained lots of popularity, showcasing exquisite, eye-catching, and enhancing designs. With bright, popping colors, layering, and pretty silhouettes, you can always spot a Molly Goddard design. 

16. Joules – The Best For Countryside Charm

Joules green dress
  • Why we love it: The countryside charm and enchanting designs make for practical yet stylish looks. 
  • Price range: £10- £300
  • Best for: People seeking to emulate classic British countryside charm with playful patterns, prints, and stylish looks. 

In 1989, Tom Joule created Joules. Joules is known for its colorful pieces and patterns, it’s all bursting with charm! The brand is inspired by the classic British countryside, selling looks for both indoor and outdoor occasions and events. With a women’s, men’s, and kid’s section, Joules is best known for cozy knitwear, practical wellies, and tweed jackets for the ultimate British look. 

17. Fred Perry- The Best For Classic Sportswear 

Fred Perry classic sportswear
  • Why we love it: The brand combines timeless, effortless style with classic sportswear. 
  • Price range: £50-£300
  • Best for: Anyone looking for that sporty classic look. 

Fred Perry was a Wimbledon champion in the 1940s, hence the love of sportswear coming through in the brand. We all know about the iconic polo shirt! The brand sells a vast collection of menswear, womenswear, and kids’ fashion. 

18. L’Estrange London – The Best For Smart Menswear 

L’Estrange London smart menswear
  • Why we love it: The functional yet stylish menswear is modern, chic, and good quality. 
  • Price range: £9- £350 
  • Best for: Men seeking a sleek, modern, and classic look. 

L’Estrange London is a popular British brand of clothing that revolves around modern, minimalistic looks. A great perk about this brand is the functionality of the pieces that you can take from day to night and dress up or down; the choice is yours! The brand was founded in 2013 by Tom Horne and William Green, and since then, has provided a wide range of menswear for that classic, British look. 

19. Percival – The Best For Unique Patterns 

Percival green men's suit
  • Why we love it: The brand’s unique patterns, designs, and contemporary pieces are high-quality and timeless. 
  • Price range: £10- £300
  • Best for: People seeking a sleek, classic, and timelessly British look with unique patterns. 

Percival was founded in 2009 by Chris Gove and Luke Stenzhorn, who aimed to create a vast collection for men looking for a sleek yet interesting look. The clothing is inspired by urban living, combining modern and contemporary for that modern look. From blazers to suits, trousers and shorts, knitwear, and more, you can dive right in and get that individual look with every item. 

20. Oliver Spencer – The Best For Modern Menswear 

Oliver Spencer menswear
  • Why we love it: The understated elegance and high-quality pieces blend that classic British style with a modern twist. 
  • Price range: £23- £519
  • Best for: Men seeking luxury, sustainable clothing. 

Oliver Spencer is a luxury British clothing brand that is all about elegance and quality. In 2002, Oliver Spencer founded the brand. It’s now a really popular and well-respected brand. It focuses on high-quality items, paying close attention to detail to ensure each piece is the epitome of class and luxury. 

21. Palace – The Best For Street Style 

Palace streetwear clothing
  • Why we love it: Their cool streetwear is known globally for its fun designs and playful collections.
  • Price range: £20- £400
  • Best for: People seeking cool street style. 

In 2009, Lev Tanju founded Palace, a brand that encompasses cool skate street style. The clothes are recognized as they’re known for their graphic tees and puffer coats that keep up with the cool style. The streetwear aesthetic is one that’s loved by many, and it’s always a popular choice.

22. Reiss – The Best For Contemporary Fashion 

Reiss clothing
  • Why we love it: Their contemporary collection offers a stylish and sleek look with minimalism and classic designs. 
  • Price range: £30- £2,000
  • Best for: People seeking a modern, sophisticated, contemporary look in British luxury fashion brands. 

David Reiss established this clothing brand in 1971 and aimed to cater to the classy people of the world. Reiss has a strong focus on high-quality fabric and designs. This is to make sure that all items are crafted to present a timeless style.  

23. Baracuta – The Best For Urban Chic

Baracuta clothing
  • Why we love it: The iconic G-9 Harrington jacket, enough said! 
  • Price range: £10- £700 
  • Best for: People looking for urban sophistication and classic designs. 

In 1937, in Manchester, England, Baracuta emerged as a British clothing brand with its iconic G-9 Harrington jacket. Many musicians and style icons of the time were all over this look, enjoying its cool and effortless look. Nowadays, you can still get your hands on these iconic jackets, and enjoy the timeless elegance and urban chic. They also sell other items of outerwear, knitwear, and accessories. 

24. Lulu Guinness – The Best For Quirky Accessories 

Lulu Guinness bag
  • Why we love it: The playful, quirky, and eccentric accessories go great with any style. 
  • Price range: £10- £800 
  • Best for: People looking for quirky, feminine, bold bags. 

Lulu Guinness, in the year of 1989, founded this brand with her eccentric, bold, and statement bags. The brand is all about embracing uniqueness with quirky details and different shapes. You can now extend your Lulu Guinness experience and buy other accessories, like scarves and sunglasses. As far as bags go, you can enjoy a range of tote bags, clutches, travel bags, and more! 

25. Private White V.C. – The Best For Luxury Fabrics 

Private White V.C. luxury clothing
  • Why we love it.: All products are crafted with elite precision and a commitment to luxury and quality. 
  • Price range: £45-£3,000
  • Best for: People seeking a sleek and contemporary look with luxury materials and fabric. 

Private White V.C. is known for its commitment to high-quality products and luxurious fabric for every piece. Each piece is designed with precision to create modern, timeless styles with a contemporary twist. 

26. Self-Portrait – The Best For Feminine Designs 

Self-Portrait dress
  • Why we love it: The classic, contemporary designs with a touch of romance and feminine flair. 
  • Price range: £60- £900 
  • Best for: People seeking a look that has attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. 

Malaysian designer Han Chong founded Self-Portrait in 2013, creating pieces that were extremely feminine with a romantic aesthetic. The brand is all about using lace, embroidery, and intricate designs to create attractive, chic, and individual pieces of clothing. 

27. Sister Jane- The Best For Retro-Inspired Fashion 

Sister Jane clothing
  • Why we love it: Their vintage-inspired clothing and whimsical designs.
  • Price range: £12-£210
  • Best for: People looking to reconnect with the retro aesthetic and nostalgic pieces. 

Sister Jane was founded in 2010 and, since then, has become a popular British clothing brand for people who want to enjoy feminine, pretty and whimsical pieces. Vintage-inspired yet blended with contemporary fashion, the brand is all about the romantic aesthetic with floral dresses and ruffled blouses. 

28. Rixo – The Best For Vintage-Inspired Fashion 

Rixo clothing
  • Why we love it: The vintage-inspired pieces with a modern twist. 
  • Price range: £65-£750
  • Best for: People seeking timeless vintage charm. 

Rixo was created by two best friends, Henrietta Rix, and Orlagh McCloskey, in 2015 and, since then, has made its mark on the fashion industry. The pieces in the brand focus on bold colors and prints and certainly make a statement. From chic dresses to flowing skirts, each item offers elegance, glamor, and bohemian chic. 

29. Nobody’s Child – The Best For Environmentally-Friendly Pieces 

Nobody’s Child clothing
  • Why we love it: The affordable items and eco-friendly culture. 
  • Price range: £5- £300 
  • Best for: People looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly pieces. 

In 2015, Nobody’s Child emerged onto the scene and began creating environmentally-friendly pieces with sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials. Since then, it’s been a popular brand with its affordable prices and stylish pieces. From tops to skirts, nightwear, and more, there is something for everyone.

30. House of Sunny – The Best For Contemporary Streetwear 

House of Sunny contemporary streetwear
  • Why we love it: Their contemporary streetwear and retro-inspired pieces. 
  • Price range: £35- £255
  • Best for: People seeking stylish streetwear with effortless style. 

House of Sunny was established in 2011 and, since then, has been propelled into success. Fun fact: Kendall Jenner actually wore the “Hockney” green dress, helping the brand rise to fame in 2020. The brand now offers a wide range of contemporary pieces, from sleek trench coats to cool racer jackets, skirts, and more; each piece is stylish, bold, and unique. 

There you have it: 30 of the best British clothing brands to explore. Each brand brings something new to the table, offering its unique take on trending pieces and using creativity to put a stamp on the fashion industry. 

What Kind of Clothing is Trending in the UK? 

At the moment, there’s plenty of clothing trending in the UK, and thanks to the help of these brands and designers, it’s easy to get on board. So, what actually is trending? Well, we have some ideas. 

  • Short shorts. As spring and summer loom in the UK, short shorts are making their way into the limelight. From denim shorts to high-waisted cotton shorts, if you want to keep up with the trend, you’ll need to purchase a pair. 
  • White dresses. Another trend in 2024 is the use of white dresses, more specifically, long white dresses. Flowy dresses are back, just in time for the great British summer.
  • Floral designs. You might already be noticing new items in stores with floral patterns or flowers. That’s because it’s trending! From dresses with large flower prints to floral skirts, it’s all the range. 
  • Transparent skirts. Sheer skirts are taking the fashion world by storm and making their mark on the runway. From pencil skirts to flowing skirts, these kinds of skirts are becoming more popular every day. 

Where can you find these trending items? The good news is that the brands we discussed earlier are essentially the trendsetters themselves, so you won’t have to look very far. You just need to worry about getting them shipped to you, and then you can begin your catwalk! 

Do all of These Fashion Brands Ship to the US?

All of these British fashion brands ship to the US, luckily! In order to receive your order from one of these British clothing sites, you’ll likely need to change your settings on the website. This changes the pounds to US dollars, and you can browse as normal. 

However, international shipping from these fashion brands requires an added payment. So, alongside your order, you’ll have to pay an added expense for shipping. It’s also important to keep shipping times in mind, too. However, luckily, there are ways of getting around this and avoiding paying the full shipping amount. 

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