How does Atvido work?
Just a few steps and the parcel will be at your door

We will give you UK & DE address, and you'll save up to 80% on shipping cost

Step 1

Find the product you want on the UK or DE online store

You see it, you like it, you buy it, we ship it.

Step 2

Sign Up

Found something you would like to buy? Great!

Sign up and we'll give you a UK & DE address so you can shop like a local and save up to 80% on delivery.

Step 3

Enter our UK address

Order online at UK or DE retailers and enter your Atvido UK or DE delivery address at checkout.

Step 4

We ship to you 

Tell us how you want to ship your product. Combine packages & save up to 80% on shipping. Choose a convenient delivery method and our team will send the parcel to your home on the same day.

Frequently asked questions

Atvido Coins FAQ

Get your UK package tax-free

Until September 1, there are no import taxes on all shipments from the UK to the EU sent by Royal Mail.