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Shipito Review: Pros and Cons, User Reviews

Is there an item from an international store that you want to get your hands on? Unfortunately, we can’t always order all the items online that we want because of shipping restrictions.  Shipito is a package forwarding service that gives you a US address. So, you can shop like a local on sites that don’t ship to you normally. 

Shipito lets you save up to 80% on shipping costs by combining any items you buy into one package. All it takes is a sign up! You don’t even need to pay and it’s so simple! Shipito ships to over 220 countries, helping people from all over get the items they want. Do you want to find out more? Let’s get into the review!  

preparing a package for shipito

How Does Shipito Work? 

Shipito works by giving shoppers US addresses to enter at checkout so that they can order from a range of online sites. Not all online stores ship to certain locations and this can be pretty disheartening! Shipito is an international forwarding service that understands this frustration and provides a service to streamline the process and help you get your products! 

Here’s a breakdown of how Shipito works:

  1. First, you just need to sign up and register on the Shipito website. You’ll need to enter basic information about yourself and this lays the foundations for your future purchases!
  2. Once you’re signed up, Shipito will give you a US address that you can use at checkout. Just browse and select any products that catch your eye. 
  3. When you’ve found the items that you want, you can enter your new address at the checkout. This step is super straightforward, and if you want, you can add multiple items from different sites to save money on shipping! 
  4. The package will then arrive at the Shipito address, and they’ll let you know it’s there! Select a shipping method and wait for Shipito to deliver it straight to your door, it’s easy!

Once this process is complete, you can go back and repeat it as many times as you like using your new US address. Shipito also offers another method of helping you locate your products from US stores. If you want, you can let Shipito do the hard work for you and leave the product search to them!  

Furthermore, Shipito actually offers additional services to help you even more. These services are as follows:

  1. Detailed content photos. Ordering items online from the US can sometimes be a little daunting, and Shipito gets that! That’s why they offer detailed content photos to give you that peace of mind and an extra layer of trust. 
  2. Consolidation to save on shipping costs. With Shipito, you don’t have to spend extra money on shipping costs; you can order all your items separately. You can put them together and save up to 80% of shipping costs!
  3. Extra tape or bubble wrap for better protection. You might’ve bought something fragile or valuable online, and you’ll want to know that it remains intact. Shipito helps to ensure that your packages are given that extra bit of protection so you can have peace of mind that they’ll get to you in one piece! 

By offering these extra services, you can rest assured that your package is in safe hands! This just shows Shipito’s dedication to customer service and offers many benefits to the shipping process! 

sending a package with shipito

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Shipito 

Is shopping with international retailers new to you? It can be quite daunting, but by using Shipito, you’ll experience a range of benefits that will help streamline the process. Having said that, it can sometimes come with some shipping and potential unforeseen challenges, too. Let’s take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of using Shipito:


  • Shop international brands. Shipito lets you shop from American retailers that you might not normally have access to. With the US address, you can shop in places you wouldn’t usually look. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the higher shipping costs or lack of delivery options. 
  • The personal shopper service. As we mentioned previously, if you tell Shipito the product you’re after, they can have a look at it for you. This is so useful and can help to save you time and effort. 
  • Global reach. Shipito ships to 220 countries all over the world, so shoppers from all over can enjoy shopping in American stores online. 
  • Convenience. Shipito prides itself on its convenience, as it’s really easy to set up an account and start shopping. You’re also flexible enough to shop at multiple stores, and you can select the shipping option that suits your preference the most. 


  • Risk of loss or damaged items. Just like any shipping service, unfortunately, potential damage or loss is always a disadvantage. During transit, Shipito is out of control when it comes to the safety and protection of your items. 
  • Longer delivery times or delays. International shipping comes with potential delays and longer delivery times than if you were shopping somewhere local to you. Despite Shipito being as fast and streamlined as possible, there is still the potential for delays that are out of their control. 
  • Shipping costs. When using Shipito, you’re still required to pay for the shipping service. Despite the costs being cheaper and Shipito’s competitive pricing, there are still shipping costs to be aware of. 
  • Some retailers don’t participate. In some cases, specific brands or companies might not ship to package forwarding services. This, of course, limits your options. 

Like any service, there are disadvantages to take into account. However, the benefits of the convenience, the personal shopper service, the global reach, and the ability to shop for international brands are all bonuses. By looking at the benefits and drawbacks of using Shipito, you can decide whether or not it’s for you.  If you’re considering using this service, reading some customer reviews might help inform your choice. 


Shipito User Reviews 

Reading reviews of other customers is a really useful way of working out whether the service is for you or not. The reason for this is that these people have first-hand experience with the company. 

Is Shipito legit? Let’s find out! On TrustPilot, the reviews for Shipito are generally 5-star. This is great news! A common theme that persists throughout the different reviews is the appreciation of the company’s service. One review states, “Shipping was very quick, my package was well taken care of and arrived in good condition!” The helpful support that the company offers is also touched on, with one review stating, “The instant chat support is the way to go to resolve issues, they were very clear and helpful!” 

Furthermore, it seems that many customers enjoy the system that the company provides, expressing their positive experiences with the seamless and effective processes. A previous customer stated, “I also love their consolidation process whereby several packages can be shipped to me in one package, saving me shipping fees.” 

On the other hand, some more negative reviews are circulating on the internet. Having read some of the poor reviews, it seems that some customers have an issue with the time it’s taken to receive their parcel and the shipping costs. One person states that they “had to pay for shipping from Amazon to Shipito’s warehouse, then had to pay for shipping from the USA to Portugal for a 200mg bottle, $43”, suggesting their annoyance towards the pricing. 

There are also occasional negative reviews about missing packages and items, with people stating that they waited a long time only for their parcel to not show up. Overall, there appears to be more positive reviews surrounding Shipito, but it’s definitely worth keeping the negative ones in mind and considering alternatives. However, the majority of the customers seem content with their experience with Shipito, its pricing and customer service. 

package received with shipito

Shipito Pricing: How Much Does Shipito Cost? 

If you’re thinking of using Shipito to get your packages, you might wonder about pricing and how it works. Shipito has different pricing plans for people, so you can do what feels right for you. It offers users the opportunity to have either a free account or a premium account. To make it a little easier, we’ve created a table so you can see the difference in pricing. 

Shipito has a shipping calculator on its website that’s really easy to use. You can work out how much you’ll have to spend and explore the options depending on your preferred shipping method. 

Shipito pairs with major couriers, like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, to offer competitive rates to customers. This gives you more control over the amount you want to spend, and it also lets you choose from a range of timings. So, you can go for whatever works best for you! 

Shipito also offers some cost-saving features to help customers out. For example, their consolidation service can help you save up to 80% on shipping costs. They also have occasional promotional offers for customers to save some money. Customers can take advantage of these benefits and save on their spending while enjoying the efficient and smooth process. But, are there any alternatives? 

shipped and received packages

Shipping Alternatives: Comparing Them With Shipito 

When you decide on the best parcel forwarding service to use, it’s useful to compare some similar companies offering the same service. Exploring all of your options can help you make the most informed decision, and while Shipito aims to provide competitive pricing and excellent service, it’s worth looking at some options! Here are some Shipito alternatives: offers a similar service to Shipito, allowing people to shop for US brands with a MyUS address. Like Shipito, it’s free to sign up, and you just need to enter your new shipping address at the online checkout. You can also explore membership deals and get your items shipped to the UK. 


Ship7 is another package forwarding service that brings global brands to your door, just like Shipito! You can shop from the US, the UK, and Turkey and get a free address to begin your online shopping journey. The company lets people enjoy tax-free shopping and offers a similar personal shopper experience as Shipito. 


Forward2Me is a popular choice for online shoppers looking to order items from the US. The company provides a seamless process that requires customers to sign up and create an email. The company works by giving users a shipping address that they can use at checkout and offers 30 days of free storage so you can get your package when it’s convenient for you. 


Stackry operates in a similar way to Shipito, allowing users to sign up for free to get a US address. You don’t have to pay any US sales tax, and it offers a similar consolidation process. You can also choose your courier and store your parcels in their warehouse for up to 45 days free of charge, but you don’t have to create an account. 


Ativdo is a package forwarding service and offers a streamlined and efficient service for anyone wanting to shop like a local. You can consolidate as many parcels as you want and save up to 80% off shipping costs. Ativdo gives you a UK or DE address, so you can shop at any UK or German store and get your items straight to your door. 

The pricing for Atvido is competitive, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a good, fair deal. You can use the shipping calculator on the website and enter information about your package to find out an exact price. 

You also have the option of free returns, so don’t worry if your parcel isn’t right for you; Atvido lets you send it back if it’s under 31kg! You can also reap the benefits of the personal shopper option they provide and leave the hard work to them! It’s so worth it! 

Competitor Price Range for a 1KG Package Delivery Time $24- $552-20 days
Ship7$55-$1252-12 days 
Forward2Me$28-$551-8 days
Stackry $25-$13010-30 days
Atvido $35-$602-15 days 

Is Shipito Worth It?

Shipito is worth it because of its convenience, accessibility, and transparent pricing. Shipito is great for providing an efficient service that is great for customers around the world looking to shop in the US. Their wide range of services and the consolidation benefits they provide can help you save money on your shipping, and who wouldn’t want that? 

While there are some great qualities, the decision to use Shipito depends on your individual preferences and needs. There are some negative reviews about shipping times, which might be a worry for people seeking an efficient delivery. Furthermore, their shipping costs are quite high, with a range of $53-$125 for a 1kg package. 

If you’re looking for a smooth process with competitive prices and excellent customer service, Atvido stands tall as the better option. Atvido is all about ensuring each customer has the best experience possible and can save money, time, and hassle during their experience. The personalized shopper experience is a significant benefit, as is the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

The decision of which service to use all comes down to your preferences, but Atvido’s services, reputation, and customer service make it seem like the better choice.