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Skypax Review

Do you ever shop online and feel knocked back when a certain company won’t deliver to your location? We know the feeling! Skypax is a package forwarding service that helps international shoppers overcome these barriers and shop from anywhere in the world. 

Skypax is a UK-based company that operates in London and works by giving shoppers a UK forwarding address to use at checkout. SkypaxUS also offers US shipping to the UK. Depending on where you live, you can use the service to suit you. They also offer a package consolidation service and a concierge shopping option if you’re having trouble with your unique payment card. In the following sections, we’ll explore Skypax in more detail, including the benefits, shipping rates, alternatives, and more. Let’s get into it! 


How Does Skypax Work? 

Skypax works by giving international shoppers a UK address to use at checkout. This means you can buy international products from wherever you live. Your parcels will then arrive at Skypax’s warehouse, where they can be consolidated and sent on to you. 

Here’s how the process works:

Step One: Choose Your Preferred Membership Option 

Every customer needs to pick a membership. If you’re making a one-off purchase, you might want to go for the standard option which is £12. If you plan to use the service regularly, you’ll benefit from the premium membership which is £90 a year. With this, you get free package consolidation and a discount of 10% on shipping. You can then create your account and enter any necessary personal details. 

Step Two : Receive Your Address

Skypax will give you a UK forwarding address to use at the checkout. This address is located in the UK, so you don’t need to worry about any location issues or region-specific items. 

Step Three: Start Shopping 

You can start shopping with your new UK address and add the items straight to your basket. When you’ve found your item, or items, you can use your new UK address to get them shipped easily. 

If your payment card is causing you problems, you can use Skypax’s concierge service to help you. This personal shopping option takes the hassle off you and orders the items on your behalf. You just need to fill out a form with some details so that the service orders you the right item! 

Step Four: The Packages Arrive

The packages will then arrive at the UK facility, ready to be inspected and forwarded. You’ll get a notification so you can track their progress, and Skypax will check the weight and size before consolidating any parcels if you choose this option. Skypax offers 30 days of free storage for your parcels and 60 days for premium members. 

Step Five: Your Orders Are Shipped 

The last step is choosing your carrier, and you’ll get a notification when your parcel leaves the warehouse. Once you get that, you can track it until it arrives at your door.  

The process is designed to be as streamlined as possible, ensuring each customer can enjoy the service’s benefits. 


Skypax Benefits 

Using Skypax offers many benefits to both individual shoppers and businesses all over the world. Here are some examples:

Package Consolidation

Skypax offers a package consolidation service, which consists of repackaging smaller items into a larger parcel to save money on shipping. This also makes for a more efficient service. Skypax will inspect the items, keep them in their original packaging, and combine them into one bigger package. You can also use the benefit of 30 days of free storage and even request photos of your items at this stage before they’re shipped. 

Range of Shipping Options  

Skypax works with popular and reliable carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express Worldwide. These options are fast, and customers can choose one based on the timings and prices they offer. Once the packages are dispatched, you can track their shipping progress. 

Concierge Service

Some stores don’t accept international payment methods, but Skypax can help with that. The concierge service allows the company to order items on your behalf. You just need to send a request and enter some details for the service to find the right ones. Skypax keeps you in the loop and places your order within 24 hours of getting it.  

Wide Range of Countries 

Skypax ships to over 200 countries, which is a very noteworthy benefit. It opens up options for anyone who wants to buy items from the UK. 

Membership Options 

Another benefit is the different membership options. You can pick the one that works out the best for you, and a lot of customers enjoy having the option to decide. 

These are some great benefits of using Skypax for all your international shopping needs. But are there any drawbacks? 

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Skypax Drawbacks 

The benefits are great but, like any forwarding service, there are some disadvantages to consider. Here are some examples:

Service Fees 

Skypax offers extra services, like package consolidation and concierge services. However, these options do come at a price. If you pay for the standard membership, it’s £5 per package for consolidation, and this can add up over time. Furthermore, the concierge service costs 10% of the total order value, with a minimum fee of £29. 

Furthermore, you can also request photos of your items before they’re shipped. However, this comes at a price: £5 for 5 photos or £15 for 20. 

Shipping Costs 

As a customer, you can choose your preferred shipping option. However, the options are quite pricey. It all comes down to where you live and the size and weight of your item. Of course, this is out of your control and you might need to pay more as a result. 

Shipping Delays 

With International shipping, you have to anticipate delays. You also need to consider the potential of damage or loss, it’s just the way it is. This is not in Skypax’s control, but it’s a drawback as it can have a negative impact on your experience. 

Restricted Items 

In some cases, international shipping means you can’t have every item delivered. Some items are restricted and Skypax won’t allow you to ship them. For example, the company won’t ship perishable goods, fireworks, weapons, tobacco, and more. So, depending on what you’re ordering, it’s worth checking before you get started. 

These drawbacks are worth considering before you decide to use the service. Another way to help inform your decision is by exploring user reviews. These help you to get a better idea of whether it’s the right option for you. 

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Skypax User Reviews 

Is Skypax legit? Is it worth using? Well, a good way to find out and get a better idea is to look at user reviews. These customers have tried and tested the service, so it’s a very informative way to determine if it’s for you. On Trustpilot, the most popular rating of the service is five stars, which definitely sets the tone. 

One user states, “The concierge process for Ebay was so easy, the shipping costs were reasonable, and the cost for the service was much less than I anticipated!” Furthermore, many of the reviews commend the service for its speed and reliability. The convenience is also mentioned, as well as the fact that the process is hassle-free. 

Another great review states, “They were very quick to upload my packages to my account once delivered. There are options to merge or split packages. I tried merging my packages and adding extra protection, all were done quickly and professionally!” This refers to the package consolidation process, suggesting just how streamlined the service is! 

Despite the good reviews, there are some negative ones. The slow shipping process seems to be a concern. One person writes, “It’s been over 2 months now since I made the order and it still hasn’t arrived.” 

This is also mentioned by some other users, with another stating, “It has been two months and I still haven’t received my parcel which was supposed to be sent from the UK to Australia.” Some customers also complain about the high service fees and the shipping rates. 

Overall, the Skypax reviews seem generally positive, with users commending the convenience, accessibility, and costs of the service. However, other users weren’t as impressed with the shipping rates or the length of time their product took to arrive. Despite these concerns on Trustpilot, the majority of the reviews seem positive. 

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Skypax Shipping Rates 

Skypax takes pride in its competitive shipping rates and the company partners with some well-known and reliable carriers. To get a better idea of Skypax’s shipping rates, let’s explore the rates for a 5kg item with dimensions of 15x10x5cm that’s going from the UK to the US. 

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the shipping companies:

  1. USPS Smartmail Plus Ground. This company expects delivery in 5-7 days, and the fee is £54.76 for both standard and premium members. 
  2. FedEx International Economy. Delivery is estimated to take 5 days and cost £57.96 for premium members and £64.40 for standard members.
  3. FedEx International Priority. The estimated delivery time is 2 days and costs £67.06 for premium members and £74.51 for standard. 
  4. DHL Express Worldwide. For this company, delivery is expected to take 1 day and cost £70.46 for premium members and £78.28 for standard members. 
  5. Globetrack Crossborder Standard. Estimated delivery is 10-18 days and costs £81.87 for premium members and standard members. 
  6. UPS Express Saver. The delivery is expected to take 2 days and cost £90.95 for premium members and £101.06 for standard members. 

To help customers save as much money as possible, Skypax also has some cost-saving features. Here are some examples:

  1. Package consolidation. This involves combining smaller items into one larger parcel to help you save money on shipping costs. 
  2. Membership options. You can choose between a standard and premium membership, and each one comes with advantages. Premium members pay £90 a year but get free package consolidation and up to 60 days of free storage, so it’s all worth it! 
  3. Competitive rates. By partnering with these trusted carrier companies, Skypax aims to provide customers with competitive rates for the best value possible. 

Atvido is another popular parcel forwarding service that offers similarly affordable shipping rates and cost-saving features. For example, it lets you consolidate your packages and save up to 80% on shipping costs. Atvido takes pride in its transparency, so you know you’re getting a fair price, fast delivery, and no hidden or unexpected fees. Do you want to explore some more alternatives?

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Skypax Alternatives 

If you’re thinking about using a parcel forwarding service, it’s a good idea to check out some Skypax alternatives. This gives you a better idea of the right one for you. 

Here are some examples:


Shipito is a package forwarding service that gives customers a US or EU forwarding address so that they can shop like locals, no matter where they live. The company offers different services, like package consolidation, extra padding and protection, and free storage for your packages. 


Shippn is a well-known company that offers international shoppers the opportunity to shop from any store. The company uses popular and reliable carriers to ensure you get the best shipping rates. Furthermore, you can shop from over 33 stores and save up to 70% on shipping costs. 


If you want to buy items from the UK but certain retailers don’t ship to your address, myUKmailbox is designed to help you overcome the problem. You’ll receive a UK delivery address to use at checkout to order the items you can’t normally get. The company also has a BuyForMe service if you want a personal shopper to take the hassle off your hands. 


Forward2Me is another alternative that’s a popular choice among international shoppers. It’s free to make an account and sign up for a forwarding address. You can use your new address at checkout and enjoy the perks of shopping like a local. You can also enjoy up to 30 days of free storage in Forward2Me’s warehouse and have your products shipped to you when it’s convenient. 


As we mentioned above, Atvido is a package forwarding service that works by giving customers a UK or DE address so they can shop like a local wherever they are. The company offers package consolidation to help you save up to 80% on shipping, and you can combine as many parcels as you want for the most efficient service possible. 

Furthermore, Atvido offers competitive pricing for customers. You can use the website’s shipping calculator to work out how much you’ll need to pay. Plus, you don’t have to worry if the item you’ve ordered isn’t for you; Atvido will send it back for you if it’s under 31kg. 

Competitor Price Range for a 1KG Package with dimensions of 15x10x5cm Delivery Time 
Shipito $59- $153 (USA to UK)2-45 days
Shippn$50-$123 (UK to USA) 1-5 days 
myUKmailbox (standard membership)£19-£75 (UK to US)2-28 days
Forward2Me$12-$54 (USA to UK)2-21 days
Atvido £31-£49 (UK to USA) 2-15 days 

Of course, all of these companies offer shipping to different locations and require a different price based on what you’re ordering and where you live. This table just gives you a good idea as to whether Skypax is worth using as opposed to alternatives. 

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Is Skypax Worth Using? 

Skypax is worth using because it offers shoppers all over the world the opportunity to buy all of their favorite region-specific items. It offers an excellent package consolidation service, helping customers save money on shipping if they’re buying multiple items. Alongside that, it also offers membership options so that customers can choose the best one for them. 

Despite the reliability of the service and the positive reviews that commend the hassle-free process, it’s worth keeping some factors in mind. The company requires quite high service fees for standard members and there are lots of negative reviews regarding the speed of the delivery. 

If you want a streamlined process you can trust, Atvido is the better option for you. You can use the personal shopper feature to your advantage and leave the work to the experts. Atvido takes pride in its exceptional customer service and transparent pricing, meaning you don’t need to worry about financial surprises. 

If you want to save up to 80% on shipping costs and enjoy a streamlined service, give Atvido a go today and shop like a local.