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Get Atvido coins

Invite friends, get Atvido coins, which you can exchange for Atvido money and pay for parcel delivery!

How do Atvido coins work?

1. You invite a friend.

Using a unique link, you invite a friend to use Atvido's parcel forwarding service.

2. The invited friend places their first order.

The invited friend will also receive 50 coins for their first order.

3. You receive Atvido coins.

For each invited friend, you receive 100 Atvido coins, which you can exchange for 10 GBP.

Atvido Coins FAQ

1. What are Atvido coins?

Atvido coins are a digital currency used within the Atvido parcel forwarding service. They can be earned by inviting friends to use the service and can be exchanged for currency or used to pay for shipping costs.

2. How can I earn Atvido coins?

You can earn Atvido coins by inviting friends to use the Atvido service. When a friend you invited makes their first order using your unique referral link, you will be rewarded with Atvido coins.

3. How many Atvido coins do I earn for inviting a friend?

For every friend you successfully invite who completes their first order, you will receive 100 Atvido coins.

4. What can I do with my Atvido coins?

Atvido coins can be exchanged for real currency (e.g., 100 Atvido coins for 10 GBP) or used to pay for part or all of your parcel forwarding service fees with Atvido.

5. Do Atvido coins expire?

Yes, Atvido coins expire 30 days after they are awarded. It is important to use your coins within this timeframe

Get your UK package tax-free

Until June 1, all UK to EU shipment import taxes are covered by us