Selling in the UK market?
Provide buyers with a UK or Germany returns address

Grow your sales business and we'll take care of secure local UK & Germany returns.

Provide the address of our UK or DE warehouse

Give customers our local return address

We will accept the goods

You will be able to see information and product photos.

We will send the goods to you

You will be able to order the forwarding of goods in the system at any time

Get easy returns with


With us it will be cheaper for customers to return packages because they can use the services of local couriers.


We ship items the same day. You can use the following couriers: DHL, DPD, FEDEX, UPS and TNT

We ship worldwide

We can ship returns to over 220 countries

Frequently asked questions

Always know where your goods are

We can accept parcels from all UK and couriers and carriers.

  • DPD
  • FedEx
  • General Logistics Systems
  • DHL

Get your UK package tax-free

Until September 1, there are no import taxes on all shipments from the UK to the EU sent by Royal Mail.