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What Does a Forwarded Package Mean?

A forwarded package is one that has been redirected from its initial delivery address to a different location. This redirection can happen for a variety of reasons, including address changes, delivery mishaps, or the recipient’s personal preferences.

Whether initiated by a move, an error in address details, or a receiver’s demand, the process of forwarding plays a crucial role in the package’s delivery. This ensures its delivery to the right person despite obstacles encountered.

The causes of forwarded packages vary greatly. Whether it be a minor address mix-up or a major logistical mistake, there are many reasons why forwarding may be necessary. It is essential to understand the importance of handling forwarding requests, as any delays or oversights could result in inconvenience for both the sender and the receiver. 

Atvido, being a package forwarding service, can ensure that your package gets delivered to your location no matter what. Learn more about why forwarded packages happen and how our shipping services make the delivery easier. 

Why Do Packages Get Forwarded?

Forwarded packages can cause panic if you don’t understand what’s happening. However, this doesn’t mean that your package is lost or will never arrive. 

Packages may get forwarded due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Change of address: When someone changes their address, they can ask for their mail to be sent to their new location.
  • Incorrect address: If the sender gives a wrong or missing address, the carrier might have to redirect the package to the right location.
  • Recipient unavailability: If the recipient is unavailable to receive the package at the designated address, it may be forwarded to an alternate location or held for later delivery.
  • Shipping errors: During the shipping process, if there are any errors like incorrect labelling or routing, it can lead to packages being sent to the wrong place.
  • Carrier logistics: Sometimes, the carrier’s network may need to forward packages due to operational reasons like optimising routes or dealing with capacity limitations.

What to Do When My Package Is Being Forwarded?

There are specific steps you can follow when seeing the forwarded status of your package. By following these steps, you can manage the situation when your package is being forwarded and ensure its successful delivery to the right destination.

Here is a guide you can follow:

  1. Keep Tracking Your Package

Enter the tracking number from the carrier to keep an eye on where your package is headed. This way, you’ll know if there are any updates on its delivery status.

  1. Contact the Carrier

If you happen to see that your package is being sent to a different address without any explanation, get in touch with the customer service of the carrier. Give them your tracking number and ask them why your package is being redirected.

Did you order a package through Atvido? Contact us by emailing or calling and we can help you with your forwarded package. 

  1. Verify Address Information 

Make sure to verify the address you gave to make sure it’s correct and current. If there are any mistakes, contact the carrier right away to fix the issue.

  1. Update Delivery Instructions 

If you know ahead of time that you’ll need package forwarding, make sure to let the carrier know by updating your delivery instructions. Give them the new address and any special delivery preferences so they can redirect your package.

  1. Arrange for Re-Delivery 

If you’re not available to receive your package, you can either have it sent to a different location or pick a new delivery time with the carrier.

What if Your Package Is Being Forwarded to the Wrong Address?

Upon noticing your package is being forwarded to the wrong address, it’s essential to take immediate action. Although this could be a stressful time after waiting for your package, you can take specific steps to resolve the situation: 

  • Contact the carrier immediately: Contact the carrier’s customer service right away when you notice your package is being sent to the incorrect address. Make sure to give them your tracking number and explain the situation in detail. 
  • Provide the correct address: Make sure to double-check the delivery address with the carrier and make sure they have the correct information on record. If you notice any mistakes or differences, be sure to clarify them to avoid any more delivery mishaps.
  • Request package interception: If your package still hasn’t arrived, try reaching out to the carrier to see if they can intercept it and send it to the right address. Keep in mind that there might be extra charges involved, but it’s worth it to make sure your package doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.
  • Prevent future errors: You can be proactive to avoid similar incidents from happening again. Always check the address details when placing orders and don’t forget to update your delivery preferences with the carrier to ensure a safe and accurate delivery.

How to Track a Forwarded Package?

Tracking a forwarded package requires a few simple steps to stay updated on its journey:

  1. Use Your Tracking Number 

Make sure to get the tracking number from the carrier when they shipped your package. It’s essential because you can use it to keep an eye on its progress.

If you use our package forwarding services at Atvido, you can also track your shipment directly from your Atvido account.

  1. Visit the Carrier’s Website 

Head over to the carrier’s website where your package is being handled. Look for the tracking section and input your tracking number. By doing so, you’ll receive live updates on the whereabouts and status of your package.

  1. Set Up Notifications 

Stay in the loop about any updates regarding your package’s delivery status by signing up for notification services provided by various carriers. You can choose to receive updates either through email or text message.

With Atvido, you can set up alerts to receive notifications via email or SMS whenever there is a status update on your forwarded package.

  1. Check the Delivery Status 

You can frequently check the online delivery status of your package. This way, you can easily keep track of where it is and estimate when it will arrive.

At Atvido, we will retrieve the latest tracking information for your package and display it for you. You can easily view the package’s current location and estimated delivery date.

  1. Contact the Carrier for More Information 

Feel free to reach out to the carrier’s customer service if you come across any problems or need clarification on your package’s forwarding status. They’re there to help and can answer any questions you might have.

How Long Does it Take for a Forwarded Package to Arrive?

Forwarded packages may take a bit longer to reach their destination compared to regular deliveries because of factors like carrier policies, distance between addresses, and potential delays during transit.

When it comes to packages sent through Atvido, the time it takes for delivery can be affected by the chosen shipping method, the destination, and any customs procedures if shipping internationally. 

We offer estimated delivery times based on these factors, which can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the unique circumstances of each shipment. To get a more precise estimate of when your forwarded packages will arrive, check our shipping information and tracking services.

Can Mail be Forwarded?

Yes, mail can indeed be forwarded, and the process shares similarities with package forwarding while also having distinct differences:

Similarities Differences
• These forwarding services are often initiated due to changes in address or recipient preferences
• People and businesses can manage their mail and packages
• There are two ways to handle undeliverable items: either send them back to the sender or keep them until the recipient provides further instructions
• Mail forwarding typically refers to the redirection of traditional postal mail, such as letters, magazines, and bills, to a new addressPackage forwarding focuses on physical packages and parcels
• Package forwarding is primarily handled by shipping carriers and logistics companies
• Mail involves postal services or third-party mail forwarding services
• Mail forwarding can be either short-term or long-term, based on what the recipient requires, whereas package forwarding is typically short-term and arranged for particular deliveries
• Mail forwarding and package forwarding costs can vary based on factors like how often you forward mail, the size of packages, and the level of service you choose

What Are Package Forwarding Services?

Package forwarding services provide international shipping and delivering packages across borders. They come in handy for people and businesses who love shopping from overseas or need a trustworthy way to get packages from abroad.

Atvido is an expert in making international shipping and logistics easier through package forwarding services. We provide virtual mailing addresses in different countries, making it convenient for users to receive packages from online retailers. 

Our company goes above and beyond just regular forwarding services. With global warehouses and partnerships with shipping companies, we allow users to consolidate and repackage their items, saving 80% on shipping expenses. On top of that, we also offer package inspection and photo verification to guarantee the quality and accuracy of delivered goods.

You can sign up for free to purchase international packages and get it delivered straight to your door without hassle.