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Reduce Your Shipping Costs

Shopping UK e-shops means getting great products, but shipping multiple packages overseas direct from the merchant can be very costly.

step 1

Shop from multiple brands

Shipping single packages can be costly, when you want to buy from different brands like Amazon, Apple, Ebay, Carter’s, and many more. operation experts combine your packages into one so you can save from shipping price.

step 2

Consolidate as many as you want

Once we receive your packages in our facility, you can choose the ones that you want to be combined, and we will do the rest. Our experts will take out items from its outer box or original box, whichever you want, to reduce the size and weight.

step 3

Save more from the shipping

One package with all of your purchases. We'll ship it to you as fast and quickly as we can so that you get the best service possible!

General Terms and Conditions

Shipping rates:

Shipping rates shown include our handling fee, Carrier’s surcharges and supplement and fuel duty. Basically, the price you see is the price you pay us when you order shipping. Note, rates of course based on our measurement when we have the package, and exclude local tax, duty and Carrier’s advancement, if applicable.

Non-standard packages:

There are no additional fees for non-standard parcels.

Consolidated shipping

We charge a consolidated shipping fee of EUR 0.49 for each additional parcel.

Calculation of the package weight

The package’s weight is rounded up to a whole number in kilogrammes, so a 0.45 g package will be calculated as 1 kg.

Free returns of goods

We provide free returns to Poland and Germany for packages weighing up to 31 kg and having maximum dimensions of 61 x 44 x 37 cm. Only natural persons are eligible for free returns.

Dažnai užduodami klausimai

Get your UK package tax-free

Until September 1, there are no import taxes on all shipments from the UK to the EU sent by Royal Mail.